Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki
United States Geological Survey
345 Middlefield Road MS-973
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki received his BA from Columbia University in New York City in 1959, and his PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley, in 1971.  He joined the U.S. Geological Survey in 1971, and began studying recent tectonic activity in California.  In 1976, Sarna-Wojcicki established the Tephrochronology Laboratory at the U.S.G.S. in Menlo Park, California, conducting research on the chemical composition, correlation, and isotopic age of volcanic ash layers in the Western U.S., and comparative studies in other regions of the world, in order to provide chronostratigraphic data to various geologic studies.  He retired in 2005 and is currently Emeritus with the U.S.G.S. and advisor to the Tephrochronology Laboratory.