Charles A. Repenning—a Dedication (PDF) PE14.3.2E

Louis H. Taylor, Louis L. Jacobs, and Christopher J. Bell

A biographical sketch and bibliography of Charles A. Repenning (PDF) PE 14.3.3E

Christopher J. Bell and Jeanne L.R. Forsberg


Polyphyly, paraphyly, provinciality, and the promise of intercontinental correlation: Charles Repenning’s contributions to the study of arvicoline rodent evolution and biochronology (PDF) PE 14.3.18A

Christopher J. Bell and Christopher N. Jass


Platypterygius Huene, 1922 (Ichthyosauria, Ophthalmosauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Texas, USA (PDF) PE14.3.19A

Thomas L. Adams and Anthony R. Fiorillo

Microwear patterns on the teeth of northern high latitude hadrosaurs with comments on microwear patterns in hadrosaurs as a function of latitude and seasonal ecological constraints (PDF) PE14.3.20A

Anthony R. Fiorillo

CT reconstruction and relationships of the Early Cretaceous tribosphenidan mammal, Slaughteria eruptens (Trinity Group, Texas, USA) (PDF) PE14.3.21A

Dale A. Winkler,  Louis L. Jacobs,  Y. Kobayashi, and Michael J. Polcyn 

Eoconodon (“Triisodontidae,” Mammalia) from the Early Paleocene (Puercan) of northeastern Montana, USA (PDF) PE14.3.22A

William A. Clemens

New species of Peradectes and Swaindelphys (Mammalia, Metatheria) from the Early Paleocene (Torrejonian) Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA (PDF) PE14.3.23A

Thomas E. Williamson and Louis H. Taylor

Terrestrial mammal fossils from the Wildcat Creek beds (Paleogene), Tieton River area, south-central Washington, USA (PDF) PE14.3.24A

Christopher Strganac

A new species of the genus Megapeomys (Mammalia, Rodentia, Eomyidae) from the Early Miocene of Japan (PDF) PE14.3.25A

Yukimitsu Tomida

A new species of Cernictis (Mammalia, Carnivora, Mustelidae) from the Late Miocene Bidahochi Formation of Arizona, USA (PDF) PE14.3.26A

Jon A. Baskin

Microtoid cricetids and the early history of arvicolids (Mammalia, Rodentia) (PDF) PE14.3.27A

Oldrich Fejfar, Wolf-Dieter Heinrich, Laszlo Kordos, and
Lutz Christian Maul

Geology and mammalian paleontology of the Horned Toad Hills, Mojave Desert, California, USA (PDF) PE14.3.28A

Steven R. May, Michael O. Woodburne, Everett H. Lindsay, L. Barry Albright, Andrei Sarna-Wojcicki, Elmira Wan, and David B. Wahl

New rodents (Mammalia, Rodentia, Cricetidae) from the Verde Fauna of Arizona and the Maxum Fauna of California, USA, early Blancan Land Mammal Age (PDF) PE14.3.29A

Everett H. Lindsay and Nicholas J. Czaplewski

An owl-pellet accumulation of small Pliocene vertebrates from the Verde Formation, Arizona, USA (PDF) PE14.3.30A

Nicholas J. Czaplewski

Cricetid rodents from the Pliocene Panaca Formation, southeastern Nevada, USA (PDF) PE14.3.31A

Yun Mou

Shrews, lagomorphs and rodents (excluding Cricetidae) from the Pliocene Panaca Formation, southeastern Nevada, USA (PDF) PE14.3.32A

Yun Mou

Microtine rodents in the Frick Collection from Yushe Basin, Shanxi Province, China (PDF) PE14.3.33A

Lawrence J. Flynn

Variation in the lower dentition of a late Blancan (Late Pliocene) Cotton rat (Sigmodon curtisi) (PDF) PE14.3.34A

Dennis R. Ruez, Jr.

Preliminary study of rodents of the Golliher B assemblage from Meade County, Kansas, USA indicates an intense cold period near the end of the Pleistocene (PDF) PE14.3.35A

Robert A. Martin, Pablo Peláez-Campomanes, and James G. Honey

New perspectives on lagomorph and rodent biochronology in the Anza-Borrego Desert of southern California, USA (PDF) PE14.3.36A

Lyndon K. Murray, Dennis R. Ruez, Jr., and Christopher J. Bell

Arvicolini (Rodentia) from the Irvingtonian of north-central Kansas, USA (PDF) PE14.3.37A

Richard J. Zakrzewski and Gabe S. Bever

Fossil lagomorphs from the Potwar Plateau, northern Pakistan (PDF) PE14.3.38A

Alisa J. Winkler, Lawrence J. Flynn, and Yukimitsu Tomida

The Early Pleistocene Mimomys hordijki (Arvicolinae, Rodentia) from Europe and the origin of modern neartctic sagebrush voles (Lemmiscus) (PDF) PE14.3.39A

Alexey S. Tesakov and Thijs van Kolfschoten

Caves, arvicoline rodents, and chronologic resolution (PDF) PE14.3.40A

Christopher N. Jass

Using left-right asymmetry to estimate non-genetic variability in vole teeth (Rodentia, Muridae, Arvicolinae) (PDF) PE14.3.41A

P. David Polly, Laura Killick, and Mark Ruddy

Taxonomic diversity of Late Cenozoic Asian and North American ochotonids (overview) (PDF) PE 14.3.42A

Margarita A. Erbajeva, Jim I. Mead, Nadezhda V. Alexeeva,
Chiara Angelone, and Sandra L. Swift

The Middle Pleistocene herpetofaunas from Kärlich (Neuwied Basin, Germany) (PDF) PE 14.3.43A

J. Alan Holman and Thijs van Kolfschoten

The stratigraphic debate at Hueyatlaco, Valsequillo, Mexico (PDF) PE 14.3.44A

Harold E. Malde, Virginia Steen-McIntyre, Charles W. Naeser, and
Sam L. VanLandingham


PE Erratum: The braincase of Youngina capensis (Reptilia, Diapsida): new insights from high-resolution CT scanning of the holotype (PDF) 14.3.45A

Nicholas M. Gardner, Casey M. Holliday, and F. Robin O'Keefe


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